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Power Washing sidewalk



During Winter 2018, our founder Matthew Bonomolo went to visit loved ones in a near by cemetery. During his visit, he noticed a ton of gravestone that were extremely dirty, filled with dirt and biological growth. Some of these stones were so dirty, you couldn’t make out what the writing said. From this one experience, he knew he had to figure a plan to maintain these stones for the families of the deceased. 


Through the passing of time, gravestones are affected by constant acid rain, snow fall, lichen, and other biological growth. These unwanted soils affect the appearance and integrity of the stone. Neglecting these soils can cause rapid deterioration or further damage to the surface of a loved ones stone. 


Each stone and monument represents a life lived. Here at Eco Clean Industries Inc, we are offering our maintenance services to properly clean gravestones and monuments, giving peace of mind to those left behind. 

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